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More Speed Bumps on the Road to Healthy Living

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Speed Bump #4: Leaving fitness to the end of the day.

  •  Yes, it may feel easier to hit the snooze button and postpone your workout until the evening, but is that really the best time for you to exercise? If find that you’re often tired and worn out from the day, you’re far less likely to do your workout. If you tend to bail on the gym after work or taking care of the kids, try working out in the morning or the afternoon. If you can’t bear to wake up any earlier, go to the gym on your lunch break and feel refreshed for the remainder of the afternoon.

Speed Bump #5: Feeling overwhelmed by working out.

  • You may have a long way to go to reach your goals, but you can avoid being overwhelmed by breaking things down into smaller precise goals. It takes time to form a routine – including working out or going to the gym. Start small. Set goals of 20-minute workouts or walks after dinner. Once you have mastered this, incrementally set new goals to increase the length or intensity of your workouts. Reward yourself after you have reached your goal for a month. Even if it is just a treat like a seeing a movie, making time to paint your nails or buy a new workout headband – rewards can help keep you motivated for the next month’s goal. You can also work up to more intense HIIT works outs to save time.

Speed Bump #6: Not having time to work out.

  • We all have a lot on our plates today and sometimes it may seem like working out just doesn’t fit on that overloaded plate. But, think again! By sitting down and writing out your daily schedule you may find a block of time where you are free or a period of time where you are doing something that you don’t need to (like watching TV for an extra hour). You can also do exercises while getting chores done, like laundry or cleaning.  Pencil in a 15-minute workout and give it a try. If you are able to squeeze a short workout in a few times a week it is better than nothing and will help create a lasting habit of working out. Pencil it in and make it happen!

I hope you feel better about your wellness journey to know you’re not alone. We all face at least one of these roadblocks from time to time. Next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or making excuses, check in with this article and take action!

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