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Left Over Easy Artichoke Salad

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Being a busy working mom I often put together lunch quickly! I try to include artichokes in my weekly diet because of their fiber – important for gut health. Here’s a simple salad I’ve really enjoyed using fresh basil and cherry tomatoes from my garden.


  • Leftover string beans cooked in garlic and soy sauce
  • Rinsed Garbanzo beans
  • Lightly rinsed marinated artichoke hearts (rinsing cuts down on excess oil, but keeps flavor)
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Fresh Basil
  • Shaved Parmesan
  • Optional: Pine nuts


  1. Place green beans in the bottom of a bowl.
  2. Add rinsed artichokes and Garbanzo beans.
  3. Wash tomatoes and basil then place as colorful accents.
  4. Sprinkle shaved Parmesan.
  5. Add Pine nuts.


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