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How to Enjoy Cinnamon

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Concerned about recent headlines on cinnamon’s safety?  Debunk cinnamon rumors with The Truth About Cinnamon.  In the mean time there are many ways to safely enjoy this super sweet spice!

  • In tea, coffee or apple cider
  • On top of sliced fruit, toast, yogurt or ice cream
  • In hot breakfast dishes, like kashi, buckwheat groats or oatmeal
  • In cookies, like homemade ginger snaps
  • In whole grain dishes, like couscous, brown rice or quinoa with slivered nuts and dried fruit
  • In home made granola or sprinkled in cereal
  • In fruit compote
  • In sweet squash soups
  • In apple cinnamon popcorn
  • In Mole recipes
  • In spicy and sweet combination dishes
  • In baked breads, muffins and healthy desserts





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