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Melissa Halas-Liang, MA RD CDE is a recognized expert in the field of nutrition and has taught nutrition in the media for 10 years. She has been featured in national campaigns and media tours where she brings her fun and relatable approaches to weight management, family and kids’ nutrition, and practical, attainable lifestyle changes to a variety of viewers, listeners and attendees. Melissa has dazzled audiences throughout the country with her passion, humor and enthusiasm for health, and ability to show that eating well, exercising and living green is fun for everyone in the family.

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Melissa’s expertise, credibility, warmth and enthusiasm enable her to speak on a variety of nutrition topics that are well received. She has appeared in print and broadcast media, sharing tips and information about how to raise a healthy family, kids nutrition and healthy living.

Melissa has been featured on national and local television affiliates discussing various nutrition topics, like healthy eating with a hectic schedule, kids products that fit with good health, various foods’ health benefits and dining out.

Her ability to authentically and organically speak about health, nutrition and physical activity has captivated audiences throughout the United States. Ms. Halas-Liang is a nationally recognized nutrition expert in areas ranging from pregnancy, family and child nutrition to chronic diseases, fad diets and food science. She understands how to reduce complex nutrition research findings and concepts into simple, clear and actionable ideas that anyone could understand and implement. Melissa is a credible source, and her reports are always researched based and expressed in an energetic and memorable way.

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Speaking Engagements and Corporate Wellness- Offered Nationally

Melissa Halas-Liang, MA RD CDE is frequently solicited to speak to consumers, businesses, health professionals, community groups and schools. Whether addressing a group of twenty or 1000 in person or via the web, she brings passion and energy to engage the audience in a fun and relatable manner while providing actionable, real-life information.

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Healthy Living Inspiration for Busy Adults, Corporate America, Food Service Directors, Chefs, Front Line Kitchen Staff and Teachers

Corporate Wellness – Want healthier employees? Are less sick days, lower medical related costs and happier more productive employees important to your organization? Melissa inspires busy working adults from coast to coast to set achievable health goals to live their best life! Melissa’s webinar topics include weight loss, fitness, meal assembly, foods to choose and more! She also provides weekly corporate webinars through Plus One Health Management.

Healthy Living Inspiration – Motivate your staff to serve healthier food options, learn how to inspire and teach nutrition to kids, and embrace healthier living yourselves! Melissa has provided workshops to teach or enhance skill sets to staff at all levels and empower them to implement and model healthier behavior changes.

Get Motivated To Live, Look, And Feel Your Best – Making Health A Priority That Works For You –Aimed at helping those who influence other’s health. See example presentation!

Food for Thought – Learn how to eat with awareness, increase your longevity, and discover lifestyle changes that can help counter genetic risks for common chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Functional Foods – Super Food for You! – Did you know there are numerous life-saving ingredients sitting in your spice rack or being passed over at the grocery store? With this workshop, you will be motivated to add disease-fighting foods to your diet through just a few simple steps. Learn how to spice up your life and your diet while lowering your risk of diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and other chronic conditions. Enjoy the fabulous flavors of antioxidant spices like turmeric and cardamom, which also reduce inflammation. Learn what foods to eat, and how to eat them, to help prevent breast cancer and prostate cancer while also lowering your cholesterol and improving your memory! Click here for a sample page.

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On-Line Education – Offered Nationally

On-Line Nutrition Education

Are you an educator, parent, teacher or professional hoping to increase your nutrition knowledge and make healthier behavior changes? Melissa Halas-Liang, MA, RD, CDE teaches on-line nutrition courses at several universities and colleges which empower you to improve your health as well as the health of your family, students and community. See Melissa’s nutrition courses on-line.

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Does your organization need a wellness, nutrition or fitness webinar to keep your employees in good health? Would your company benefit from providing a continuing education presentation on functional foods, exercise, living green or other nutrition-related topics? Invest in the health of your employees with a customized webinar and reap the return via increased productivity and decreased health-related absenteeism and medical expenditures.

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Nutrition Coaching

Offered in Pasadena, San Marino, La Canada, Flintridge, Burbank, Hollywood and the greater Los Angeles area.

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Nutrition House Calls

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Offered in Pasadena, San Marino, La Canada, Flintridge, Burbank, Hollywood and Los Angeles.

Family and Children’s Health and Weight Issues: Is your child struggling with what your physician has determined as “excess weight,” food struggles or signs of Acanthosis (dark spots on skin related to insulin resistance) or type 2 diabetes? Let Melissa help your child and entire family set realistic, fun and achievable goals to attain a healthier lifestyle. From unhealthy eating habits, jam-packed schedules, lack of exercise to emotional eating, Melissa covers it all. You and your child will see that nutrition can be easy, and making small changes in your family’s life will give your child the tools they need for a life time of good health.

Family Life Nutrition: Get your family in shape with this family nutrition makeover! Discover simpler and more wholesome ways for your family to eat right. Join an expedition into the far reaches of your kitchen cabinets, refrigerator and freezer that will help you learn how to better navigate your food selections to achieve better health for your kids and family. Learn which foods improve your immune system and memory, help prevent inflammation and the common cold, and even protect against cancer. You will receive an objective evaluation of which supplements in your medicine cabinet are safe and effective. Learn how to stock your kitchen and set your dinner table with quick meals and foods that lead to optimum health and function. You’ll be surprised by how simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can translate into living with more energy and vitality each day.

Obtaining Your Best Health and Weight: Have you been told you have metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes or are at risk for either? Find and achieve the best weight for you and your body through mindful eating, careful planning and living a cleaner life. Learn how to say yes to a healthier you and embrace your full health potential.
Weight loss and weight maintenance is not about willpower. It’s about breaking the chains of routine and adopting small changes in your daily habits. Ultimately these changes transform your way of thinking and you’ll begin effortlessly replacing old, unhealthy thoughts and habits with new, empowering ones. Achieving the health you want is a journey that begins with taking just one step—believing you have the power to change.

Eating Green: Are you concerned that the foods you’re eating are being boxed, produced, and packaged with potential toxins that could affect your family? With recent headlines such as “The Journal of Pediatrics finds Pesticides linked to ADHD,” it’s no wonder moms and dads are concerned about which foods to eat and how best to prepare them for their children’s health. Learn simple ways you can feed your family while protecting their genes and the environment. Discover it’s easy to eat green with just a few easy-to-learn expert tools!

Pregnancy Nutrition – Giving Your Baby the Best Growing Environment: Did you know that your diet during pregnancy helps shape your baby’s taste preferences, brain development and health later in life? Learn simple tools to navigate the confusion over what to eat when you’re expecting. We’ll answer your questions on fish, cheese, caffeine and help you plan now for healthy and realistic post-pregnancy eating. Let Melissa’s Healthy Living take the guesswork out of your diet and help you create the best growing environment for your baby-to-be.

A-List Private Coaching – Are you an actor or actress getting ready for an upcoming audition or role? Whether your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle, working with Melissa to make healthy, fun and attainable lifestyle changes will help you get your body in shape so that you look and feel your best. You will gain confidence walk into that audition or onto the set with the confidence of the star you are.

Hollywood Body…Achieved! – Are you close to having the perfect Hollywood body, but are having trouble losing those last few pounds? Or do you wish you could gain a few more pounds of muscle for that extra cut look? With health guru Melissa Halas-Liang’s expert and proven guidelines, nutrition and fitness tips, and individualized support and encouragement, you will achieve the body you need.

Bright Lights, Tight Body – Do you have the looks and talent, but not the body? Let Melissa get you into the best shape of your life. Don’t let your body confidence hold you back from becoming a star! Melissa’s expert and proven guidelines and nutrition and fitness tips can help you achieve the body you need. Move away from fad or crash diets, and build a healthy relationship with food that will bring you long-lasting results.

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