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Top 9 Gadgets for a Home Gym

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  1. Bosu Ball –helps with core strength and balance, both are very important – especially as you age. They are very versatile; BOSU stands for ‘Both Sides Up’!
  2. Spinner – it’s an attachment for your outdoor bike to allow you to ride at home, think of it like a bike-treadmill.
  3. Iron gym—pull-ups aren’t just for boys! Use a chair under your foot to help yourself do a pull-up until you can do one on your own.
  4. Resistance bands – they’re inexpensive, easy to store, and can be easily strapped to a door for a full body workout.
  5. Indo board—become a pro surfer before hitting the water.
  6. Kettle bells – they burn calories fast! Safety tip: make sure to get training about proper form before using these!
  7. Stability Ball – super versatile! For everything from hips to legs to abs, a stability ball can be used to activate numerous muscles at once for an efficient and challenging workout.
  8. Yoga Mat – it helps get you motivated to strike a pose.
  9. Jump Rope – fun, fast and effective. Safety tip: never jump on one leg unless you’re well-conditioned and very experienced at skipping rope, as it may not be good for your knees, hips or back.

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