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Popcorn Croutons

My daughter loves experimenting with different flavors and ingredients in the kitchen. She especially loves herbs and spices. This began in preschool when I let…

Swiss Chard – A Tasty Leafy Green Your Family will Enjoy!

It’s hard to get enough greens in my family’s diet. So we rely on Swiss chard , a family favorite, and a frequent go-to veggie.…

What Kids Eat Today Prevents Cancer Tomorrow!

Approximately one in three cancers could be prevented if we all ate smarter, moved more and weighed less, according to the American Institute for Cancer…

6 Tips to Get Your Kids in the Kitchen

Children love learning new things, especially when it involves hands-on activities and food! By combining foods with hands-on activities, children can engage in learning basic skills…

Let Your Child Create a Food Masterpiece

Maybe masterpiece isn’t the right word…. but allowing your child to create their own taste combinations encourages new foods. Yesterday while preparing lunch, my preschool…




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