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Eat Like the President

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Have you heard? The First Family just planted the first organic vegetable garden at the White House. Way to go! So, are you ready to start livin la vida local’ too? 

Why eat local?  
  • Save the environment. Decrease mileage of delivery trucks, decrease energy costs and decrease waste of non-renewable resources. 
  • Squeeze the most nutrition out of your produce. The longer it takes to get to our plate, the less fresh and nutrient-packed it is, so capture all that goodness as quickly as you can. 
  • Enjoy better tasting food. Would you rather eat a freshly picked apple or an apple that’s been in a warehouse, a truck, another warehouse, and then the grocery store?
  • Save your money. No need to waste rotten produce and see your dollars going in the garbage. Local produce’s life has just begun! The pressure is off to use your lettuce quickly before it wilts away.
Looking for local in-season produce? View this seasonal map provided by Epicurious and ask your local farmers’ market too.


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