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5 Quick Tips for Healthy Eating

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  • Start Meatless Mondays—this is a great way to eat a variety of colors and textures in your diets.
  • Start a family garden—you’ll eat what you grow and get more exercise too! See these helpful tips on starting a family garden or a community garden.
  • Make a new goal: buy and try a new fruit or vegetable each week. Learn about the body benefits of different color healthy foods with Super Crew kid, Jessie. Then try one of the new foods listed each week.
  • Make sure every plate (at breakfast, lunch, and dinner!) includes at least one portion of fruit or vegetable.  Challenge yourself to make it a different fruit or vegetable at each meal! For snacking make sure that fruits and veggies rule, by choosing and including these first.
  • Replace sugary desserts with whole fruit or mixed, chopped fruits.  If you still want to indulge, top a scoop of ice cream with fresh berries, chopped nuts and/or a variety of chopped, fresh fruit! Substitute added sugar and fat when baking for healthier ingredients.

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