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Healthy Eating

Make sense of all that you’ve heard about eating healthy, nutritious foods and having a balanced diet.

Iron for Athletes and Plant-Based Eaters

iron rich foods for athletes vegetarians and plant-based

If you recently became a vegetarian or vegan, are a seasoned plant-based eater or want to meet your iron needs for exercise, here’s what you…

Food for Thought – Why This Dietary New Year’s Resolution May Finally Stick!

food for thought new years resolution

Here we go again, new year, new resolution! Many of us have been down this road before. Let me tell you why I’m confident THIS…

7 Easy Ways to Lighten Up Your Holiday Meals


This holiday season doesn’t have to be disastrous to your diet. Try these tips to lighten up holiday meals and enjoy your favorites too! Here…

Simple and Tasty Ways to Eat Ancient Grains & Seeds

purple acai chia and dried plum smoothie bowl - ancient grain recipe -

Spice up your diet with these simple ancient grains recipes and ideas by swapping your usual grains for ancient grains and seeds. Whether you’re looking…

Plant-Powered Benefits of Ancient Grains and Seeds

ancient grains and seeds in burlap bags

We know that plant-based foods each offer unique health benefits, so what exactly are the benefits of ancient grains and seeds? In the previous post,…

Ancient Grains & Whole Grain Goodness

ancient grains benefits

Did you know that eating more whole grains, like ancient grains, can help prevent type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and fuel your workouts? Popular…

5 Quick Tips for Healthy Eating

man and woman couple cutting up watermelon and cantaloupe for a smoothie following tips for healthy eating

These healthy eating tips only require small changes to what you’re already doing, with minimal added effort! Plus, you can start on them today! Whether…

Benefits of Joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program

yellow squash with green leaves in a planter bed in the garden for CSA program

Taking part in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program may be the change you’ve been looking for. The benefits of CSA programs can impact your…

Do You Really Need That Post-Workout Protein Shake?

Green post-exercise protein shake and woman tying shoe

We’ve all seen powders and shakes in grocery and health food stores promising to improve recovery, accelerate fat loss, and more. Is there a truth…

Sustainability and the Role of Root-to-Stalk Cooking

Fresh healthy bio fennel and carrots on Paris farmer agricultural market to use for sustainable cooking

According to the USDA’s latest data, 30 to 40 percent of the food produced in the United States goes to waste. (1) Let’s explore how…