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Healthy, Sweet and Fun Easter Basket Ideas

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  • Bunny Cupcakes – Bake or purchase whole grain carrot mini muffins – decorate with bunny cupcake toppers for extra fun.
  • Mix-It-Up – Fill Easter eggs with sugar free gum, colorful Easter erasers, popcorn, stickers, Easter tattoos or trail mix with dried cranberries and golden raisins.
  • Too Cute – Clementines will add a bold splash of spring color and are a sweet treat kids will love to eat.  Mini red and green apples work well too.
  • Frozen Fun – Freeze-dried fruit tastes just like candy – kids love bananas, mango and apples.  Be sure they brush their teeth afterwards.
  • Egg Hunt – Replace egg-shaped chocolate with egg-shaped chalk.  Place the chalk eggs in colorful mesh netting and tie with ribbon.  Have a bunny-drawing contest together for outdoor family fun. Decorate your easter eggs with bunny attire. Then eat and enjoy -eggs are packed with choline important for your child’s brain development.
  • Veg Out – Now that spring is here, inspire kids to grow a vegetable and herb garden by packing a garden tote (in place of a basket) with a seed kit, mini pots and kid-size gardening gloves and spade.
  • Book-It – Include Easter coloring books and crayons as well as educational books teaching kids eating healthy can be fun.  Super Baby Abigail’s Lunch Time Adventure is a neat read with a garden theme that will take children on a healthy eating journey with the Super Crew kids.

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2 Responses to “ Healthy, Sweet and Fun Easter Basket Ideas ”

  1. Caitlin Plank on March 26th, 2010 5:32 pm

    mmm… whole grain carrot mini muffins! I love the idea to use dried fruit, too – just as colorful as jelly beans and easter candies, but a whole lot more nutritious! The garden tote is too cute- what a perfect introduction to the season – great tips!

  2. Angela Lemond, RD, CSP, LD on March 29th, 2010 9:23 am

    I just love these tips….so much that I posted it on my Mommy Dietitian Blog!

    Keep up the great work for families!!

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